Standard Platform League


Information on the competition schedule is also available at the league website :-

Team Assignment

A1 B-Human
A2 UPennalizers

B1 CMUrfs
B2 Cerberus
B3 Robo Eireann

C1 Nao Devils
C2 CHITA Homonids
C3 Open

D1 NTU Robot Pal
D2 Nimbro
D3 Kouretes

E1 Austrian Kangaroos
E2 WrightEagle Unleashed
E3 Team Nanyang

F1 Austin Villa
F3 rUNSWift

G1 NUBots
G2 TJArk
G3 ZaDeat

H1 Northern Bites
H2 L3M
H3 Nao Team HTWK

Round 1 Schedule - Refereeing teams are in parenthesis
Monday June 21
FIeld A - Groups A, B
9:00 A1 - A3 (B1, B2)
10:00 B1 - B3 (A1, A3)
12:00 A2 - A3 (B1, B3)
13:00 B2 - B3 (A2, A3)
15:00 A1 - A2 (B2, B3)
16:20 B1 - B2 (A1, A2)

Field B - Groups C, D
10:20 D1 - D3 (C1, D2)
13:20 D2 - D3 (C2, D1)
15:20 C1 - C2 (D2, D3)
16:40 D1 - D2 (C1, C2)

Field C - Groups E, F
9:20 E1 - E3 (F1, F2)
10:40 F1 - F3 (E1, E3)
12:20 E2 - E3 (F1, F3)
13:40 F2 - F3 (E2, E3)
15:40 E1 - E2 (F2, F3)
17:00 F1 - F2 (E1, E2)

Field D - Groups G, H
9:40 G1 - G3 (H1, H2)
11:00 H1 - H3 (G1, G3)
12:40 G2 - G3 (H1, H3)
14:00 H2 - H3 (G2, G3)
16:00 G1 - G2 (H2, H3)
17:20 H1 - H2 (G1, G2)

Penalty Shootouts (as necessary) will be played at 19:00.

Intermediate Round Schedule
Tuesday June 22

Field A
X1: 9:00 Second Place Group A vs. Third Place Group B (1st A, 1st B)
X2: 10:30 Third Place Group A vs. Second Place Group B (1st A, 1st B)

Field B
X3: 9:00 Second Place Group C vs. Third Place Group D (1st C, 1st D)

Field C
X4: 9:00 Second Place Group E vs. Third Place Group F (1st E, 1st F)
X5: 10:30 Third Place Group E vs. Second Place Group F (1st E, 1st F)

Field D
X6: 9:00 Second Place Group G vs. Third Place Group H (1st G, 1st H)
X7: 10:30 Third Place Group G vs. Second Place Group H (1st G, 1st H)

Second Groups Form as Follow (Teams places indicate number, eg. Pool A winner is I1):
Group I: WInner Pool A, Winner Pool E, Winner X6, Second Place D
Group J: Winner Pool B, WInner Pool F, Winner X7, Winner X3
Group K: Winner Pool K, WInner Pool C, Winner X1, Winner X5
Group L: Winner Pool D, Winner Pool H, Winner X2, Winner X4

Note: Games are refereed by the other two teams in the pool (e.g. L1 - L2 is refereed by L3, L4)
Field A - Group L
13:00 L1 - L2 
14:00 L3 - L4
16:20 L1 - L4
17:40 L2 - L3

Field B - Group I
12:00 I1 - I2
13:00 I3 - I4
15:20 I1 - I4
16:40 I2 - I3

Field C - Group K
12:40 K1 - K2
13:40 K3 - K4
16:00 K1 - K4
17:20 K2 - K3

Field D - Group J
12:20 J1 - J2
13:20 J3 - J4
15:40 J1 - J4
17:00 J2 - J3

Wednesday June 23
Field A
9:20 L1 - L3
10:40 L2 - L4

Field B
8:00 I1 - I3
9:40 I2 - I4

Field C
9:00 K1 - K3
10:20 K2 - K4

Field D
8:30 J1 - J3
10:00 J2 - J4

Quarterfinals (Field A), Referees to Be Determined
Q1: Winner I vs. Second Place K
Q2: Winner J vs. Second Place L
Q3: Winner K vs. Second Place I
Q4: WInner L vs. Second Place J

14:00 Q1
15:00 Q2
16:00 Q3
17:00 Q4

Thursday June 24
Semi-Final 1: WInners of Q1, Q2
Semi-Final 2: Winners of Q3, Q4

8:00 Semi-Final 1
9:30 Semi-FInal 2

12:00 3rd Place Game
1:30 Championship

Passing Challenge Tuesday June 22, 19:00
Open Challenge, Wednesday June 23, 11:00
Dribbling Challenge, Wednesday June 23, 19:00

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