Rescue Simulation League


Call for Participation to Agent and Intrastructure Competition

The agent and intrastructure competition pre-registration instructions are
on and the deadline is January 15, 2010


Call for Participation to Virtual Robot Competition

           RoboCup 2010 Rescue Simulation Virtual Robot competition
                June 19 - June 25, 2010 (Singapore)

The RoboCup Virtual Rescue Technical Committee would like to invite you to compete RoboCup 2010 Rescue Simulation Virtual Robot competition, and provide detailed information about the registration and qualification process.

The purpose of the competition is to provide a common benchmark to demonstrate scientific progress in robotics in the field of Urban Search and Rescue. In this competition a devastated area has to be explored for victims with a team of robots controlled by a single operator. The robot team should accurately explore large areas with difficult mobility. The competition is based on a physics-based, realistic simulation on the sensory and actuation level of the robot. Standardized interfaces make a transparent migration of code between real robots and their simulated counterparts possible.

New teams are encouraged to participate, and last year's winning code may be freely downloaded from



Team pre-registration deadline: 31 Jan 2010 (23:59 UTC)
Team qualification deadline: 15 Feb 2010 (23:59 UTC)
Qualified teams will be announced: 1 Mar 2010

Early registration: 1 Mar - 31 Mar 2010
Regular registration: 1 Apr - 30 Apr 2010

Late registration: After 1 May


All teams who wish to qualify need to pre-register before the deadline of 31 Jan 2010. To pre-register, fill in the form at and send this as an attachment to .


Qualification is based on a team's previous performance, scientific contributions, and the community effort in the development of the simulator.

In RoboCup 2010, up to 18 teams will participate in the Virtual Robot competition. The price winners of the RoboCup 2009 (UC Merced, SEU RedSun, Amsterdam-Oxford) are automatically qualified after pre-registering their teams and submitting an appropriate Team Description Paper (TDP). The other 15 teams will be selected through a qualification process.

The qualification deadline is 15 Feb 2010. The OC does not accept qualification materials from teams who have not been pre-registered by the pre-registration deadline. Qualification material consists of:

1. Team Description Paper (TDP)

The TDP should describe your research focus and ideas implemented in the team. Include in this TDP the scientific contributions of your team (recent publications relevant for the RoboCup community). The length of the TDP has to be at least four (4) pages and should not exceed twelve (12) pages in Springer LNCS Style: . Please submit the TDP only as a PDF document with the name of your team like teamname_TDP.pdf.

2. A list of contributions to the simulation environment USARsim, and the claimed community points for this effort. The community point system is defined at

Teams will be qualified based on the submitted materials as described in this E-Mail. Also, the following general qualification limitations will be considered:

- One-Third-Rule: The so called One-Third-Rule rule states that only up to 1/3 of the participants of a competition may be from the same country.

- One-Team-Per-Institute-Rule: The One-Team-Per-Institute-Rule states that only one team from each university or research institute is allowed to participate in a competition. Note that it is okay for different teams from the same institute to participate in different competitions, e.g. 2D soccer and 3D development.

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