RoboCup@Home: Registration of RoboCup@Home League


This message describes preregistration and qualification procedure

for RoboCup@Home League 2010. It contains the following parts:

* Two steps

* Instructions for the TDP

* Instructions for the Web site

* Submission Instructions

* Evaluation criteria

* Tentative schedule

Two Steps


Every team intending to participate has to run through the following two


Step 1) The team must send an email to the OC members (emails see below) to

signal intention to participate. Please fill in the following basic


Team Name:



Team Leader Name:


Web site:

**** Deadline: Friday, 15 Jan 2010 23:59 PET *****

Step 2) The team must submit a

- team Description Paper (TDP),

- team Video,

- indicate a team web site devoted to their effort.

**** Deadline: Wednesday, February 10th, 2010 23:59 PET *****

Instructions for the TDP


The TDP contains the following information:

* Description of the hardware and software including a list of integrated

externally available components (including commercial products, freeware,

Open Source, etc.)

* Innovative technology and scientific contribution

* Photo(s) of the robot

* Focus of research/research interests

* Re-usability of the system for other research groups

* Applicability of the robot in the real world

The TDP goes into detail about the technical and scientific approach, but


website should be designed for a broader audience.

The length of the TDP is limited to 8 pages. Please use the same Springer


format used in the RoboCup Symposium submissions (see


Instructions for the Web site


The contents of the web site should be as follows:

* Photos of the robot(s)

* Videos of the robot(s)

* Description of the approaches and information on scientific


* Relevant publications

* Team members

* Previous participation in RoboCup

Submission Instructions:


The items above must be submitted by e-mail to all OC members:

Jesus Savage (Mexico),

John HENG (Singapure),

Rajesh Mohan (Singapore),

Sven Wachsmuth (Germany),

Fariborz Mahmoudi (Iran),

The e-mail subject should be: [@Home2010-Preregistration] (YourTeamName)

The e-mail should contain:

* The following information about your team

o Name of the team

o Affiliation

o Contact information

o Website

* A link to your TDP

* A link to your video

Evaluation criteria:


Qualification materials will be judged by the following criteria:

* Performance in previous competitions

* Team description paper

* Video

* Website

* Relevant Scientific contribution/publications

* Novelty of approach

* Amendments made to the @Home Wiki

* Contribution to RoboCup@Home League (e.g Proposal of tests,

organization of events, exchange of results inside the league)

Tentative schedule:


15. Jan. 10 | collect letter of intention to participate

10. Feb. 10 | Deadline for team Description Paper (TDP), team Video, team web site.

27. Feb. 10 | notification of qualification

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