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Binaries released

Get the binaries from teams who were present at Singapore here

Official Rules Announced

Official Rules are announced. See Rules.

Registration is Open

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Call for Pre-Registration


RoboCup 2010 - Mixed Reality Competition - CALL FOR PARTICIPATION
Singapore, June 19 to 25, 2010

    Dear all RoboCuppers,


    We have the honor to invite you to the World Championship of Mixed Reality demonstration competition, RoboCup in Singapore.

    The Mixed Reality demonstrate bridges between simulation and real robot leagues of the RoboCup. It is based on 2cm tall robots that operate on a horizontally mounted display. Whilst the robots are real, the ball and the environment are virtual. Robots are remote controlled by individual software agents via Infrared.

    In Singapore, we will play 5 vs. 5 matches using the current official robot of Mixed Reality Competition. See [1] for further information about the hardware and software for this competition.

    As soon as possible, detailed rules will be announced.

    All teams - either old participants on Mixed Reality or new teams - are welcome! If you have a Simulation team (2D or 3D) and want to verify how your strategy works when using a real robot, Mixed Reality is a good testbed. Even if you do not own micro-robots, you can develop your own agents and test them using MR-Simulator. It simulates the MR real environment and the micro-robots and you can use the same code to run with real robots during the competitions. In Singapore, teams who own robots will lend them to those teams who don't own robots. This is an opportunity for new teams to join the competition. In Singapore, teams should discuss the future of the competition and new definitions for micro-robots hardware in the following editions of MR competition.

    Mixed Reality is part of RoboCup World Championship since Atlanta (2007). This competition opens many research and educational opportunities. If you are interested, we strongly suggest that you join the Mixed Reality mailing list [2].

    All teams interested in participate in MR competitions in Singapore should pre-register in this event, sending the following information to marco.c.simoes@gmail.com with the subject "Pre-registration Team <TEAMNAME>":

    Team name:
    Team leader's name:
    Team leader's email address:

    Team members:

You can also fill the application form in http://sites.google.com/site/mixedreality2010/

    Pre-registration should be done up to February, 28th, at midnight (UTC). A detailed description paper of the competition can be found in [3]. You also can watch some videos of previous Mixed Reality competitions in [4]. A complete software package for MR environment including a base client can be found at [5]. Please feel free to ask any question to the organizers or in the mailing list [2].

    Best regards,

    Irina Gulakov
    (RoboCup Team WF Wolves, OC MR, Germany)

    Marco Simões
    (RoboCup Team BahiaMR, OC MR, Brazil)

    Ramin Fathzadeh
    (RoboCup Team MRL, OC MR, Iran)

    [1] Mixed Reality Wiki - http://pv-league.wiki.sourceforge.net/

    [2] Mixed Reality mailing list - https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/pv-league-users

    [3] RoboCup Mixed Reality Competition description paper - http://www.acso.uneb.br/brt/uploads/Main/RoboCup_Mixed_Reality_Competition.pdf

    [4] Mixed Reality Video Playlist - http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=

    [5] Mixed Reality software package - http://sourceforge.net/projects/pv-league/

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