About Singapore

Unique is the word that best captures Singapore, a dynamic city-state rich in contrast and colour where you'll find a harmonious blend of culture, cuisine, arts and architecture. Singapore has grown into a thriving centre of commerce and industry. Located in the heart of Southeast Asia, Singapore is the busiest port in the world with over 600 shipping lines. Brimming with unbridled energy and bursting with exciting events, the Lion City offers countless unique, memorable experiences waiting to be discovered.


Singapore has a population of close to 5 million, the majority of whom are Chinese, followed by Malays and Indians.


English is the language of business and administration, and is widely spoken and understood. Other official languages include Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

What to Wear

Singapore has a warm and humid climate throughout the year, with a daily average temperature range of 24-31 degrees Celsius. Light summer clothing made from natural fabrics like cotton is best for everyday wear. Casual dress is acceptable for most situations and occasions but some establishments may require a more formal dress code. It is always advisable to check beforehand on dress regulations, if any.

Getting Around

Travelling around Singapore is a cinch! An efficient public transportation network of taxis, buses and the modern Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system ensures that getting from point A to point B is hassle-free and affordable.


Singapore is a cosmopolitan place where people from all over the world sit down to enjoy each other's cooking. Each culture has brought with it unique cooking styles including Malay, Chinese, Indonesian, Peranakan, Indian, Thai, Japanese and Korean. There is a vast array of hawker stalls and restaurants, ranging from global franchises to gourmet delis to fancy six-star settings.

Drinking Water

It is perfectly safe to drink water straight from the tap in Singapore. However, for those who prefer bottled mineral water, local supermarkets and grocers usually carry a sizeable selection.


Singapore voltage is 220-240 volts AC, 50 cycles per second. On request, most hotels will provide transformers to visitors with electrical appliances of a different voltage, such as 110-120 volts, 60 cycles per second. The power plugs used in Singapore are of the three-pin, square-shaped type.


The security situation in Singapore remains calm and stable, and the island is one of the safest in the world to visit.

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