List of Accepted Papers

Best Paper

  1. Andreas Seekircher, Thomas Röfer and Tim Laue. Entropy-based Active Vision for a Humanoid Soccer Robot

Oral Presentation

  1. Mauricio Correa, Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Isao Parra-Tsunekawa and Rodrigo Verschae. A Realistic Simulation Tool for Testing Face Recognition Systems under Real-World Conditions
  2. Gabriel Hermosilla, Patricio Loncomilla and Javier Ruiz-del-Solar. Thermal Face Recognition using Local Interest Points and Descriptors for HRI Applications
  3. Thomas Gabel and Martin Riedmiller. On Progress in RoboCup: The Simulation League Showcase
  4. Soeren Kerner, Stefan Czarnetzki and Maximilian Hegele. Odometry Correction for Humanoid Robots Using Optical Sensors
  5. Andreas Seekircher, Thomas Röfer and Tim Laue. Entropy-based Active Vision for a Humanoid Soccer Robot
  6. Tadashi Naruse, Yasuhiro Masutani, Noriaki Mitsunaga, Yasunori Nagasaka, Takashi Fujii, Masato Watanabe, Yukiko Nakagawa and Osamu Naito. SSL-Humanoid: RoboCupSoccer using humanoid robots under the global vision
  7. N. Ergin Özkucur and H. Levent Akın. Localization With Non-Unique Landmark Observations
  8. Fagner de Assis Moura Pimentel, Diego Frias, Marco Simões and Josemar Rodrigues de Souza. MR-Simulator: A Simulator for sub-league Mixed Reality of Robocup
  9. Marcell Missura, Andreas Schmitz and Sven Behnke. Learning Footstep Prediction from Motion Capture
  10. Judith Müller, Tim Laue and Thomas Röfer. Kicking a Ball – Modeling Complex Dynamic Motions for Humanoid Robots
  11. Dirk Holz, Ruwen Schnabel, David Droeschel, Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke. Towards Semantic Scene Analysis with 3D Time-of-Flight Cameras
  12. Tim Niemueller, Alexander Ferrein, Patrick Podbregar, Tobias Kellner, Christof Rath and Gerald Steinbauer. Providing Ground-truth Data for the Nao Robot Platform
  13. Armin Burchardt, Tim Laue and Thomas Röfer. Optimizing Particle Filter Parameters for Self-Localization
  14. Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke. Improving People Awareness of Service Robots by Semantic Scene Knowledge
  15. David Gossow, Peter Decker and Dietrich Paulus. An Evaluation of Open Source SURF Implementations
  16. Johannes Meyer, Paul Schnitzspan, Stefan Kohlbrecher, Karen Petersen, Mykhaylo Andriluka, Oliver Schwahn, Uwe Klingauf, Stefan Roth, Bernt Schiele and Oskar von Stryk. A Semantic World Model for Urban Search and Rescue Based on Heterogeneous Sensors
  17. Çetin Meriçli and Manuela Veloso. Improving Biped Walk Stability Using Real-time Corrective Human Feedback
  18. Mohammad Mahdi Kheirikhah, Samaneh Rabiee and Mohammad Ehsan Edalat. A Review of Shape Memory Alloy Actuators in Robotics
  19. Fabio DallaLibera, Shuhei Ikemoto, Takashi Minato, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Enrico Pagello and Emanuele Menegatti. Biologically Inspired Mobile Robot Control Robust to Hardware Failures and Sensor Noise
  20. Ubbo Visser. NAME OF THE GAME – An overview of a new generation online soccer game

Poster Presentations

  1. Pedro Abreu, Israel Costa, Daniel Castelao, Luis Paulo Reis and Julio Garganta. Human vs. Robotic Soccer: How Far are they? A Statistical Comparison Study
  2. Matthew Hausknecht and Peter Stone. Learning Powerful Kicks on the Aibo ERS-7: The Quest for a Striker
  3. Stefan Czarnetzki, Soeren Kerner and Michael Kruse. Real-time Active Vision by Entropy Minimization Applied to Localization
  4. Gabriele Randelli, Luca Marchetti and Francesco Antonio Marino. Multi-Agent Behavior Composition through Adaptable Software Architectures and Tangible Interfaces
  5. Huimin Lu, Hui Zhang and Zhiqiang Zheng. A Novel Real-Time Local Visual Feature for Omnidirectional Vision Based on FAST and LBP
  6. Johannes Pellenz, Frank Neuhaus, Denis Dillenberger and Dietrich Paulus. Mixed 2D/3D Perception for Autonomous Robots in Unstructured Environments
  7. Viktor Seib, David Gossow, Sebastian Vetter and Dietrich Paulus. Hierarchichal Multi-Robot Coordination
  8. Nima Shafii, Luís Paulo Reis and Nuno Lau. Biped Walking using Coronal and Sagittal Movements based on Truncated Fourier Series
  9. Okke Formsma, Nick Dijkshoorn, Sander van Noort and Arnoud Visser. Realistic Simulation of Laser Range Finder Behavior in a Smoky Environment
  10. Pedro L. Santos, Ricardo Oliveira, Aamir Ahmad, Pedro U. Lima and João Santos. Cooperative Localization Based on Visually Shared Objects
  11. Baris Gokce and H. Levent Akın. Parameter Optimization for a Signal-Based Omni-Directional Biped Locomotion by Using Evolutionary Strategies
  12. Marcell Missura, Andreas Schmitz and Sven Behnke. Designing effective humanoid soccer goalies
  13. Karen Petersen, Georg Stoll and Oskar von Stryk. A Supporter Behavior for Soccer Playing Humanoid Robots
  14. Hannes Schulz, Weichao Liu, Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke. Utilizing the Structure of Field Lines for Efficient Soccer Robot Localization
  15. F. Serhan Danis, Tekin Meriçli, Çetin Meriçli and H. Levent Akın. Robot Detection with a Cascade of Boosted Classifiers Based on Haar-like Features
  16. Matteo Leonetti and Luca Iocchi. LearnPNP: A Tool for Learning Agent Behaviors
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