Program – 25 June 2010 – Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre

08.00 Registration
08.45 Welcome Message
Opening by Symposium Chair
09.00 Keynote Address 1
Computer Vision for Surgery and Disease Analysis
Professor Eric Grimson
Bernard Gordon Chair of Medical Engineering
Head, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT
10.00 Break / Poster session
10.30 Session A1:
Simulation and Rescue Robots
Session B1:
Robot Perception and Localization
Session C1:
RoboCup and Industry I
Session D1:
Workshop on Robotics in Education I
12.10 Lunch / Poster session
13.10 Keynote Address 2
The Three Laws of Robotics and the Coexistence of Human and Robot in Harmony
Professor CHONG Tow Chong
Provost, Singapore University of Technology and Design
14.10 Session A2:
Robot Motion and Humanoid Robots
Session B2:
Human Robot Interaction and Semantic Scene Analysis
Session C2:
RoboCup and Industry II
Session D2:
Workshop on Robotics in Education II
15.50 Break / Poster session
16.20 RoboCup Roadmap Panel Discussion
17.30 Closing and Farewell

Session A1: Simulation and Rescue Robots

On Progress in RoboCup: The Simulation League Showcase
Thomas Gabel and Martin Riedmiller.

MR-Simulator: A Simulator for sub-league Mixed Reality of RoboCup
Fagner de Assis Moura Pimentel, Diego Frias, Marco Simões and Josemar Rodrigues de Souza.

A Semantic World Model for Urban Search and Rescue Based on Heterogeneous Sensors
Johannes Meyer, Paul Schnitzspan, Stefan Kohlbrecher, Karen Petersen, Mykhaylo Andriluka, Oliver Schwahn, Uwe Klingauf, Stefan Roth, Bernt Schiele and Oskar von Stryk.

Biologically Inspired Mobile Robot Control Robust to Hardware Failures and Sensor Noise
Fabio DallaLibera,Shuhei Ikemoto, Takashi Minato, Hiroshi Ishiguro, Enrico Pagello and Emanuele Menegatti.

TOPLEAGUE & BUNDESLIGA MANAGER: New generation online soccer games
Ubbo Visser.

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Session B1: Robot Perception and Localization

Entropy-based Active Vision for a Humanoid Soccer Robot
Andreas Seekircher, Thomas Röfer and Tim Laue.

Localization With Non-Unique Landmark Observations
N. Ergin Özkucur and H. Levent Akın.

Optimizing Particle Filter Parameters for Self-Localization
Armin Burchardt, Tim Laue and Thomas Röfer.

SSL-Humanoid: RoboCupSoccer using humanoid robots under the global vision
Tadashi Naruse, Yasuhiro Masutani, Noriaki Mitsunaga, Yasunori Nagasaka, Takashi Fujii, Masato Watanabe, Yukiko Nakagawa and Osamu Naito.

Providing Ground-truth Data for the Nao Robot Platform
Tim Niemueller, Alexander Ferrein, Patrick Podbregar, Tobias Kellner, Christof Rath and Gerald Steinbauer.

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Session C1: RoboCup and Industry I

Keynote Talk
Symbiotic and Learning Human-Robot Interactions
Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Festo Logistics Competition – Why a new Competition?
Ulrich Karras, Festo Didactic, Germany

Aldebaran Robotics encourages humanoids robotics in Education
Stephane Labrunie, Aldebaran Robotics, France

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Session D1: Workshop on Robotics in Education I

Invited Talk
Robotics as non-formal education: some examples in Portugal
Luis Almeida, University of Porto, Portugal

Invited Talk
Robotics for Education in Science Centre Singapore
Jacqueline Apaga Teo and Alfred Lim Wee Teck, Science Centre Singapore

Effective education with limited programming knowledge
Damien Keen, Domabotics, Australia

Robotics education as a tool for disclosure of science and technology integrating university and public school
Carmen Faria, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil

Addressing concepts and misconception in Physics using Lego Engineering Design – A perspective in Newtonian Mechanics
Chng Hong Tatt, Admiralty Secondary School, Singapore

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Session A2: Robot Motion and Humanoid Robots

Learning Footstep Prediction from Motion Capture
Marcell Missura, Andreas Schmitz and Sven Behnke.

Kicking a Ball – Modeling Complex Dynamic Motions for Humanoid Robots
Judith Müller, Tim Laue and Thomas Röfer.

Improving Biped Walk Stability Using Real-time Corrective Human Feedback
Çetin Meriçli and Manuela Veloso.

Odometry Correction for Humanoid Robots Using Optical Sensors
Soeren Kerner, Stefan Czarnetzki and Maximilian Hegele.

A Review of Shape Alloy Actuators in Robotics
Mohammad Mahdi Kheirikhah, Samaneh Rabiee and Mohammad Ehsan Edalat.

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Session B2: Human Robot Interaction and Semantic Scene Analysis

A Realistic Simulation Tool for Testing Face Recognition Systems under Real-World Conditions
Mauricio Correa, Javier Ruiz-del-Solar, Isao Parra-Tsunekawa and Rodrigo Verschae.

Improving People Awareness of Service Robots by Semantic Scene Knowledge
Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke.

Thermal Face Recognition using Local Interest Points and Descriptors for HRI Applications
Gabriel Hermosilla, Patricio Loncomilla and Javier Ruiz-del-Solar.

Towards Semantic Scene Analysis with 3D Time-of-Flight Cameras
Dirk Holz, Ruwen Schnabel, David Droeschel, Jörg Stückler and Sven Behnke.

An Evaluation of Open Source SURF Implementations
David Gossow, Peter Decker and Dietrich Paulus.

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Session C2: RoboCup and Industry II

Development of Robot Aided Education for Robotics Tutorials
Gio Hwang from National Instruments and Tae Hun Kang from Pohang Institute of Intelligent Robotics

Invited Talk
Using Standard Robot Test Methods to Establish Baseline Capabilities
Adam Jacoff, National Institute of Standards and Technology, USA

Invited Talk
RoboCup Technologies and Service Robotics Industry
Enrico Pagello, University of Padua, Italy

Invited Talk
Autonomous Solutions from RoboCup to Industry
Fernando Ribeiro, University of Minho, Portugal

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Session D2: Workshop on Robotics in Education II

Invited Talk
Bringing Educational Robotics to the Next Level: Educational Robotics with Digital Fabrication
Amy Eguchi, Bloomfield College, NJ, USA

Invited Talk
Robotics for Engineering Education
Loulin Huang, Massey University, New Zealand

Sustaining Robot Technology Education In Brunei Schools Through Competitions
Muhammad Purat Abdullah Sikut And Nor Erawadi Hj Ibrahim, The Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre, Ministry of Education, Brunei Darussalam

Seek for 2nd Home
Ang Chin Hwee, Admiralty Secondary School, Singapore

Robotics for Life Education
Tiago Caldeira, Inst. de Sist. e Robótica, Univ. of Coimbra, Portugal

CoSpace Robotics and Challenges
Tianwu Yang, Jiayao Shen and Changjiu Zhou, Singapore Polytechnic, Singapore

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